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Retractable Bimini

The owners of this vessel enjoy the California deck area for entertaining, cocktails, and playing games during their extensive cruising. The boat deck overhang does not fully cover the Cal deck settee resulting in the owners interest in a bimini.

A conventional canvas bimini with stainless steel framework as well as a structural and non structural boat deck extensions were considered, with neither option truly solving the problem.

Philbrook's Boatyard Project Manager Brett Mikkelsen and the vessel's captain worked together to bring a retractable bimini concept to fruition. "I was not comfortable extending the boat deck or adding a canvas bimini to the vessel as this would detract from the appearance of the vessel especially from a side profile"{Mikkelsen}

This choice of a retractable bimini both maintains the lines of the vessel and increases the usability of the California deck, adding to the owners' enjoyment.

For more information on this project, contact Brett Mikkelsen at Philbrook’s Boatyard Ltd.