One of the greatest joys of yacht ownership is that feeling of control when you are confidently at the helm. But who is in control and tending to your yacht, when you are not on board? Philbrooks is pleased to provide professional yacht monitoring, to enhance the pleasures of yacht ownership by providing peace of mind for the yacht owner.


Benefits of Philbrook’s Yacht Care Program

  • Delivered by highly trained professionals.
  • Establishes a regular and reliable schedule for visual inspections.
  • Produces prompt customized reports via e-mail, fax or mail.
  • Notifies you of any potential problems before they occur.
  • Provides you the assurance that your yacht is safe and secure, even when you are away.



Overview of our Yacht Care Program

Philbrook’s Yacht Care Program is a specialized service that provides visual inspection of yachts to ensure their safety and condition while the owners are away. An inspection can include:

  • Ensure bilge pumps are in working order
  • Physically check (if accessible) to ensure all float switches activate the bilge pumps
  • Check all accessible through hull fittings (on/off as required) for weeping and corrosion
  • Ensure batteries are charged
  • Check the bonding system if applicable
  • Check all windows and hatches for leaks
  • Secure all canvas and inspect for wear and tear, and ensure rain or snow is not being trapped
  • Run engines and generators (as required)
  • Check fridges & freezers, inspect provisions for infestation
  • General inspection of all quarters and engine room or compartments
  • Check dock lines and fenders, dock connections (electrical & water)
  • Check auxiliary heaters/dryers (cords & plugs) for excessive warming
  • Storm watch inspections (as required)
  • Monthly exterior washdown

Each month our Yacht Care staff will forward your inspection reports to you via e-mail, fax, or mail. This reporting method means you can be confident that inspections have taken place and that you have been made aware of potential – and potentially costly – problems before they occur. Any items of concern would be reported immediately by telephone.



Subscription to Philbrook’s Yacht Care Service

Your investment in your yacht is significant. Philbrook’s is committed to assisting you in the retention of the value of your yacht. Pricing for Philbrook’s Yacht Care Service is a monthly fee determined by frequency of inspections and the customized list of components and areas to be inspected.



Additional services:

The Yacht Care Program can be further tailored to a client’s specific needs by supplementing the basic plan with additional services. Additional services include:

  • 25% off cost of haul-outs on Philbrook’s Boatyard’s ways
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Pre and Post-trip cleaning inside and out (let us know your departure / arrival time and where you want us to clean / detail)
  • Pre-trip provisioning (let us know the size of your party and the length of your trip)
  • Pre-trip fuelling and watering (let us know when you want to depart and we’ll ensure that all tanks are topped and ready for use)
  • Detailing, including cleaning, waxing, buffing of exterior, and vacuuming, cleaning and polishing of interior
  • Bright work touch up – light touch up of bright work to maintain surface and protection
  • Yacht Delivery – delivery of your yacht by professional skipper / crew to the destination of your choice
  • Ground Transportation – direct comfortable and convenient ground transportation from air or ferry services to your yacht
  • Additional services will be billed at our standard hourly rate for the individual(s) involved.