Welcome to Philbrook’s Boatyard, the Pacific Northwest’s premier full-service boatyard, offering onsite facilities for custom design and construction, and complete boat repairs. Our shipyard has been in continuous operation since 1950 and has earned a reputation for quickly adapting to changing markets and responding to the sophisticated needs of our customers.

Philbrook’s is recognized for building elegant custom motor and sailing yachts, while steadfastly keeping abreast of new technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques in the ship building and repair industries.


— Eric Pearson (Department Lead Hand)



Eric (on the right) and his crew take on the responsibility of hauling and launching boats from 20’ to 120’ and up to 150 tons. Each vessel is different, and many require specialized setups to ensure the safety and integrity of the haul out. As we work with the tides, often these events happen outside of our normal working hours, and in all weather.


Much like icebergs, there is a lot below the waterline and this crew inspects each hull ensuring all maintenance items are assessed and reported. From antifouling (maintenance coatings, or full strip and reapplications) to monitoring anode consumption, they have their eyes on it. The environment can be hard on not only the hull of a vessel, but also the running gear and transducers. Over time, marine growth will reduce fuel efficiency, engine performance, and ultimately hull integrity.


Some of the crew have been trained at Quadrant Marine Institute, a post-secondary institution initiated by the marine industry on Vancouver Island, which specializes in training workers for the marine industry. They in turn, pass their knowledge onto the rest of the crew. We believe in the apprenticeship program and encourage our employees to sign up. These will be the people who change out that transducer or install a new one. They will paint markings on your anchor chain, whether it be existing or new. There are tasks such as caulking of seams that require not only the knowledge, but the experience and as such we appreciate the dedication of this crew to continuously learn and upgrade their skills. Working with the other departments to change out props, shafts, rudders, thru hull valves, etc. makes them familiar with the other systems aboard.


There continues to be new products on the market to better maintain the condition of the equipment and hull below the waterline; Propspeed (for metals), Lightspeed (for lights), Foulfree (for transducers), Interprotect, Primacon to mention a few. There have been huge changes in the types of antifouling available as we all strive to be environmentally-friendly. It is vital to ensure compatability with the existing antifouling. It is also extremely important that we stay abreast of innovations and determine what works best for each vessel and it’s use.


The Bottom End also watches over our Service Dock, checking that vessels are secure and as necessary, moving and towing them. They assist with setting up access to each vessel once hauled, via ladders and scaffolding to keep not only our crew safe, but also our boat owners as they are often aboard.

On a side note: we are looking for a better name for this crew….’Bottom End’ just doesn’t quite cut it….if you have one that we decide to switch to, we will have a gift certificate for a restaurant in your area on it’s way to you.