Welcome to Philbrook's Boatyard, the Pacific Northwest's premier full service boatyard. We make your visit a great experience by ensuring high quality at the best value possible. Before we start work on your boat, please review our Ways of Work so we are all on the same wavelength!


Our labour rate is very competitive by industry standards. We employ gifted and experienced crasftsman. Our professional pride consistently produces a standard of work suited to the project and with the highest quality parts. This philosophy saves over the long run and maintains not only your safety, but the condition and value of your assets.


Your project mananger is identified on the work order you sign when you arrive. They manage all aspects of the project and coordinate with you throughout. Project Managers are selected for their technical skills, management abilities and strengths communicating. Acting as your partner in the care of your boat, tending to budget and schedule adherence. As your primary contact here, they coordinate with lead hands and supervise the technicians who work on your boat.


When working on your yacht, we always keep our eyes open and flag issues for you along the way. By doing this, we offer you a broader view of how your boat's critical systems are operating. If we notice anything, we notify you immediately. Should you choose to have it worked on, we would then adjust to fit you in subject to the nature of the work. Naturally you may choose to book additional maintenance at a later time.


We welcome visitors and would love to show you around! If you are wishing to tour our facilities, to ensure your safety and to enhance your experience, we would be happy to arrange for one of our yard personnel to accompany you. Your participation in your project is our number one priority, and we desire your involvement throughout. When visiting during our working hours, and if in need of assistance, please ask at our office. We do not allow "do it yourself" work due to WCB and insurance reasons. Also, we do not furnish or rent tools, so please do not ask.


We offer the following trades on site: Mechanical, Electrical, Woodworking, Composite (Fibreglass), Painting, Metal Fabrication, Boat Building, Detailing, and Upholstery and Canvas. We sub-contract for some items such as Refrigeration and Carpet Cleaning. Our work comes with a one-year warranty, and all parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer.


We also offer complimentary airport and ferry pick-up and drop-off, and can arrange accommodation and other travel requirements. Boat pick-up and drop-off is available upon request, at your expense. Staying aboard your boat is not encouraged while it is being worked on. Accommodation costs are your responsibility.


All work must be commenced with a work order signed by the owner. Invoices for labour and materials to date will be issued twice a month on the 15th and the 31st, or any other time you request, as well as upon job completion. Invoices include the billing period, labour charges, material costs, taxes, and summary to date. We ask that all invoices be paid promptly and prior to the departure of the vessel. Payment by credit cards works best. If you need other options, please speak with us. All insurance claims must be paid for in full by the customer, and submitted by you to your insurance company for a refund.


Canadian boats must pay GST and PST.


Non-Canadian boats on a cruising permit pay the GST and PST taxes.. We are required to notify Canada Customs, of any non-Canadian boats here on a cruising permit. In the case of the work exceeding the time frame on the cruising permit, we can arrange an extension of the permit to the completion of the project.


Non-Canadian vessels may qualify for 100% sales tax exemption on work to be done based on the following steps. Work must be pre-arranged and it is imperative that Van Isle Marina be the Canadian port of entry. On arrival, notify Canada Customs that you are here for work only. We then fill out a work order and apply for a work permit for you, giving your documentation number and Canadian entry number to Customs. On completion of your work, your vessel must return directly to the nearest US Customs port of entry, and you must phone Philbrook's with a clearance number. Failure to provide us with a clearance number within an reasonable period of time will result in your being billed for the taxes. During the time that the vessel is at Philbrook's on a work permit, no cruising is allowed.


We are happy to discuss any of these points in greater detail. If you share our philosophy on the Philbrook's "Ways of Work", welcome to our family! We look forward to a long and productive partnership.