Drew Irwin - Trans-Atlantic Adventure Update
Drew Irwin
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Drew Irwin - Trans-Atlantic Adventure Update

Arrival in Antigua

Greetings folks,


We have just arrived in Antigua after a 2200 mile, 10 day sail from Cape Verde to Antigua. All went very well with the 20-30 knots off the stern and 3-5 metre waves to surf down. Hit speeds up to 18 knots at times but had a solid average of 10 knots for most of the trip. Very quick but only one tack the whole way! 


To liven up the days had two lines out the back and landed 3 fish but lost several more. No catch and release for us as the two Mahi mahi made it to the dinner table those evenings. Admit we lost at least  4 fish that broke the leaders. Must have been huge!  


Despite several hundred yachts having left the canaries just before us we saw a total of 5 ships/ yachts on our crossing. Makes one feel a little lonely out there.  


Many mega yachts and lesser vessels here in Antigua gearing up for the “season” here or prepping for the Oyster Rally which departs here Jan 8 for Panama and the Galapagoes islands. 


Laurie and I head home for Xmas on the 20th and not sure when we might rejoin the boat. 


Been a great crossing and experience, but a little slow for this guys liking. Managed to read 7 books!  


Cheers! Drew

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